"Mothers and Daughters never truly Part - maybe in Distance but never in the Heart" - Iris

Moms and daughters have certainly worked together throughout the ages. They have the resources and freedom to accomplish much more than ever before.  As we celebrate Women's Equality Day, mother-daughter businesses are taking full advantage of today's entrepreneurial environment

"Regardless of the occasional bumps, we are a family team and business partners that cherish the time we get to spend together running a successful business. We get along famously and have very similar likes and dislikes. They use they're business savvy, and I exercise my creativity for a united outcome!"

Owner and CEO

Iris is the Owner and CEO of Lulibox. An Interior Designer, she has designed many Homes and Corporations in NY, Miami and LA. She is also an accomplished Artist and the 'Creative Visionary' of the organization. She is mom to two beautiful daughters, grand-mom to three and co-founded LULIBOX with her daughters in 2011.

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