I created LuliBox in 2011 after my daughter, Ava ("Luli") was born. I remember coming home from the hospital and being so overwhelmed, flush with anxiety and intimidated by all the baby products on the market! So my husband ran out and bought tons of baby products we never even used.


I wished there was a simple box that just packaged all the things I would need for my first days at home.  I searched and searched and because I couldn't find such a box, I created one!

My mom Iris Rafaeli, joined Lulibox in 2015. Together we bring you trend, style and amazing products in a beautifully packaged box!


LuliBox has transformed our lives and the lives of so many new moms! It's an incredible gift, whether you're buying it for yourself or your best friend.  Take it from me, a mom of three kids 5 years and younger, the LuliBox is everything you actually need to get through those first days at home :)